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Welcome Pastor Randy
Pastor Randy Sinn has joined First Lutheran Church as our Interim Pastor. He has been ordained as a rostered ELCA pastor for almost 38 years and has served as a transitional/interim pastor for almost 5 years now. He will be leading us through this time of transition and then helping us as we go through the process to call our next pastor.

Building on Faith

First Lutheran is joining other local churches to help with the latest Habitat for Humanity  project, “Building on Faith.” The home, located at 497 South 7th Street in St. Helens, is actually a duplex, so it will help two families.

Habitat for Humanity purchased the property and has already removed the existing house.  They will select the partner families, complete the site preparations, and will be responsible for obtaining construction materials, hiring subcontractors and managing the construction schedule for the project.

Our FLC Council has agreed to provide $5,000, of which we already have $2,000.  We will also provide organized volunteer labor at least two days per month to help with the construction.

Edee Douglas is our designated representative.  She is putting together a bulletin board display about the project.  If you have questions, or want to get involved with this ministry, please contact Edee.

New Theme for VBS
The Vacation Bible School Committee has chosen a new theme for this summer’s family event.  It is First Lutheran Garden Party:  Growing with God.  While the theme has changed, the format will be the same as last year.  We will gather for dinner and activities on Wednesday evenings in August. (5:30 pm to about 8:00 pm)

Watch for the sign up sheets to see how you can help this important and fun ministry.

New Worship Musician
We are happy to welcome our new worship musician, Erin Stevens. She began sharing her talent with us at our April 28 service. Erin grew up in Scappoose and she played for 12 years for the Diocese of Sacramento in Clarksburg, CA. We are thankful she has chosen to share her talent with First Lutheran Church. Please introduce yourself to Erin.

Electronic Giving
First Lutheran now has electronic giving. Simply text 503-714-7869, and in less time than it takes to write a check, you can now make your offering with a quick text message!

To get started, text the amount you wish to give to First Lutheran’s text giving telephone number 503-714-7869. A link will pop up to MyVanco for you to complete your donation. Once you are set up, you can easily give anytime by simply texting the amount you wish to donate!

Try it, you will like it! Feel free to track down Barbara Gordon if you need help


October "Paint Party" being organized; learn more
 We now have a date for the WELCA October event. Our painting party will be on Monday, October 21, at 6 p.m. in the fellowship hall. These painting lessons have been popular around town lately, with guests being led step-by-step through a canvas painting that they can take home. Local artist and instructor (and church neighbor) Crystal Heil will be our teacher. She said it usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the project. The cost for the class is 35.00. Candice Becker is making arrangements and will be sharing information at the September WELCA meeting so that we can make a painting selection.

Helping those in need
We continue to help those in our local community who are in need by providing items through our “Collection Center,” which is housed in the Fellowship Hall closets. The collection boxes for this project are in the closet on the far left as you face the three double doors on the east wall. The blue and tan colored bins are on the end wall of that closet. You can donate personal care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioners, razors and shave gel, facial tissue, nail clippers, combs, soaps, toilet paper, sanitizers and wipes.  When we get a good supply, they will be taken to the Community Action Team for distribution.

The closets store many other items:

Market Fresh receipts (we get 1% return)
White sheets for bandages
Personal care items for Lutheran World Relief
Flav-r-pac & Santiam labels
Labels for Education (Campbell’s, etc.)
Eyeglasses for the Lions’ Program
Postage stamps (please cut or tear the stamps
from the envelope, leaving at least 1/4” border.

Calling All Crafters

Wednesday at First Lutheran is typically called quilting day.  However, the quilters also welcome knitters and other crafters. Since everyone is not a quilter, it provides a fun and productive way for people to join in the Wednesday fellowship.  We even have a few cribbage players added to the mix.

The official start of the activity is 10 a.m., but people come throughout the morning and early afternoon.  It wraps up at 3 p.m.  Note:  The quilters are always looking for additional help with both tying and stitching and are willing to train.

Funds raised by consignment quilts go into the WELCA treasury and are used to help support a whole list of local agencies and worldwide efforts.

Welcome on Wednesdays!
No compensation is offered, just the satisfaction of knowing you are helping spread the mission of Christ into the world. Our amazing team of quilters need some help with both tying and stitching. Whether experienced or not, if you have an interest in this ministry, bring a sack lunch and come join the group on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Quilts are tied for Lutheran World Relief. If you can tie a good knot, you can start right in on this one. And if you know how to put simple squares together into a quilt top, they are needed too. Especially needed are hand stitchers, aka needlers. If you don’t think you are good enough, there are baby quilts for practice before you work on the consignment quilts. With practice, you might “graduate” sooner than you think!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 14. We are having a Congregational Update in the Fellowship Hall at 11:30 a.m.

Voting Members
The First Lutheran Church Constitution & By Laws section C8.02c. defines voting members of the congregation as such: 
Voting members are confirmed members. Such confirmed members, during the current or preceding calendar year, shall have communed in this congregation and shall have made a contribution of record to this congregation. Members of this congregation who have satisfied these basic standards shall have the privilege of voice and vote at every regular and special meeting of the congregation.

For more information about membership and other church guidelines, you can obtain a copy of the First Lutheran Church of St. Helens Constitution and By Laws from Candice in the church office.

Photos for PowerPoint
We’ve now had the new visual system up and running for a few months. Thank you to Kitty Heide for being our regular volunteer for this duty!  Do you notice the different picture slides that separate hymns and parts of our worship?  Most of these are just some stock photos from our clipart subscription.  Recently, Caroline DuBois inquired about the photos and offered to send in a few photographs that she had taken.  Candice incorporated them into the February 24 PowerPoint presentation.  If you are interested in sharing photographs for our worship, please email them to Candice at  We look forward to a variety of scenic pictures.

First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
Do you want to build upon our legacy of generosity for the future? — One way to achieve that includes contributing on a regular basis to the Endowment Fund.

If you want to leave a living gift the ELCA has a professional gift-planning staff, who can assist you with planning your legacy to First Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Contact any member of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church St. Helens Endowment Committee for more information.

Committee members are Barbra Gordon, Norris Sundeen, Karina Strandjord , Audrey Webster, Bob Clore, and Mike McCoy.                 – Mike McCoy

Choir rehearsals on hold for now
The choir is taking a break while we are in search of a new choir director. 

Community Rewards
First Lutheran Church participates in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.  If shoppers who use the rewards card actually link their card to the church, then  Kroger, who owns Fred Meyer,  makes a donation to the church. It does NOT cost you your rewards points. For the second quarter of 2018, 14 households used their Fred Meyer Rewards cards to bring in a total of $36.61  for First Lutheran.

Please note that they have upgraded their system, and as a result our non-profit organization (NPO) has a new account number. It is JJ283. So, if you haven’t yet enrolled in the Community Rewards program and plan to do so, use that new number. If you have any questions, you can talk to Audrey Webster.

"Christ in our home" devotionals available

The current church budget includes funding for several copies of the "Christ in our home" devotional.

Each page includes a scripture reading, a devotional message, and a prayer.  It is a useful tool to help us slow down and spend a bit of time with our Bible and with Christ during our busy days. They are available in the church narthex. 

We have regular and large print versions available.  We hope you can take advantage of this thoughtful gift.



Here is your coffee hour list forJune 2 through September 1

June – September 1, 2019 Coffee Hour Schedule
Here is your coffee hour list for June 2 through Sept. 1. Folks had a few months to choose a service that worked best for them. Thank you to Sharyn Sundeen and Sandy Young, who volunteer to put this schedule together for the church. They had to assign people to the empty slots. Please take a moment to find the date you are asked to serve and mark your calendars. If for any reason you have can’t serve, please find a substitute. 

June 2
Ellen Bailey and Sue Christopherson
June 9
John and Jan Burdett and Tim & Donna Meyers
June 16
Diane Dillard, Edee Douglas, Geri Logan,
and Karen Olsen          
June 23
Steve & Caroline DuBois       
June 30
Marilyn Henseley and Jerry & Judy Ann Johnson           
July 7
Mark Hagelberg & Enid Schantz-Hagelberg and Sandy Young 
July 14
Matt & Kate Frietag
July 21           
Terry & Wendy Rude and Michelle Worden
July 28
Ken & Jennifer Anderson and
Chuck & Katie Garman
August 4
Jon & Jackie Vingerud and
Tom & Christina Vingerud  
August 11
Kristol Cohn, Jessie McClintock, and
Penny Miller
August 18     
Candice Becker and
Norris & Sharyn Sundeen
August 25
Jean LeMont, Laura McCollough,
and Laurie Wilson
September 1
Janet Abbott and Don & Rose Jensen