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Transition and Call Process Update!

Call Committee Update
As the First Lutheran Church Ministry Site Profile has been finished and approved, Pastor Melissa Reed, the Assistant to the Bishop at the Oregon Synod Office, is working on identifying a list of candidates for us.

The FLC Call Committee has been working on procedures for the interview process. They are planning to interview using a virtual software. They are developing a list of first interview questions, and a second set of questions for the follow-up interview.     

Council Assignments Made
Due to Covid-19, the FLC 2020 Retreat had been postponed. They were able to meet via Zoom June 13 and have made the assignments for committee liaisons.  Here is the list, including council officer positions:

Kathy Bauska, Outreach & Social Ministries, and Vice President
Caroline DuBois, Christian Education
Matt Freitag, President
Melody Long, Mission Education
Dana Marble, Finance & Stewardship
Jessie McClintock, Youth
Linda McCoy, Worship & Music
Wendy Rude, Fellowship
Norris Sundeen, Properties
Sandy Young, Secretary
Mark Hagelberg is the Liaison to the Call Committee. Kelly Broders will assist Norris with the Properties Committee. The Council had already appointed Barbara Gordon as Financial Secretary and Jon Vingerud as Treasurer.

Building on Faith

Update from Edee Douglas, our FLC representative on the Faith Build Team:  Good News from Habitat for Humanity!  First Lutheran has reason to celebrate and give thanks to God! We have fulfilled our financial pledge to the organization for the Faith Build Project.   If you would like to continue to help, they do still have items on the “wish list” for the project that are needed.

For more information, please see Edee. You may also follow Habitat for Humanity on Facebook at:

High School Seniors
 A First Lutheran Church tradition is “Graduate Sunday,” and while we couldn’t gather in the sanctuary, a small group of quilters presented FLC member and high school senior Cora with her special graduation quilt outside of her home earlier in the week, and Pastor Randy then offered a special blessing for the graduate during our June 14 online worship service.

Electronic Giving
First Lutheran now has electronic giving. Simply text 503-714-7869, and in less time than it takes to write a check, you can now make your offering with a quick text message!

To get started, text the amount you wish to give to First Lutheran’s text giving telephone number 503-714-7869. A link will pop up to MyVanco for you to complete your donation. Once you are set up, you can easily give anytime by simply texting the amount you wish to donate!

Try it, you will like it! Feel free to track down Barbara Gordon if you need help

Calling All Crafters

THIS ACTIVITY HAS BEEN CANCELED (TEMPORARILY) DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS THREATWednesday at First Lutheran is typically called quilting day.  However, the quilters also welcome knitters and other crafters. Since everyone is not a quilter, it provides a fun and productive way for people to join in the Wednesday fellowship.  We even have a few cribbage players added to the mix.

The official start of the activity is 10 a.m., but people come throughout the morning and early afternoon.  It wraps up at 3 p.m.  Note:  The quilters are always looking for additional help with both tying and stitching and are willing to train.

Funds raised by consignment quilts go into the WELCA treasury and are used to help support a whole list of local agencies and worldwide efforts.

Welcome on Wednesdays!

No compensation is offered, just the satisfaction of knowing you are helping spread the mission of Christ into the world. Our amazing team of quilters need some help with both tying and stitching. Whether experienced or not, if you have an interest in this ministry, bring a sack lunch and come join the group on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Quilts are tied for Lutheran World Relief. If you can tie a good knot, you can start right in on this one. And if you know how to put simple squares together into a quilt top, they are needed too. Especially needed are hand stitchers, aka needlers. If you don’t think you are good enough, there are baby quilts for practice before you work on the consignment quilts. With practice, you might “graduate” sooner than you think!

Amazon Smile
Do you shop at  If you do, I would guess you spend more there than at Fred Meyers. We are asking you to join When you select 1st Lutheran Church, St. Helens, as your charity, the church will receive 0.5% of every dollar you spend.

With all of us doing this, FLC will quickly receive a lot of money. Jon, our Treasurer, has already set up the church account so that the 0.5% goes directly in to the church bank account.  If you already have an Amazon account or are Amazon Prime, you use the same account on and AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry, and other account settings are also the same.

For more information, please Google Thank you for considering this as another way to support your church at no additional cost to you.

Christ in Our Home Devotionals Via Email
Augsburg Fortress is offering daily emails of the Christ in Our Home Devotions through the month of April.  Just click on this link  and enter your email information.



 ”Clean Team”
Our church is following Synod guidelines during this Covid-19 Pandemic. We continue to have our services online.  The Council has also appointed group to look at all of the steps necessary regarding the church building. Our First Lutheran Church “Clean Team” has come up with plans for keeping the church clean and as safe as possible.  The Clean Team has developed strict guidelines that must be followed and an entrance log to be completed by those individuals who have been given Council approval for entering the building at this time. Your compliance is necessary for the safety of all. Thank you.

Small Joys & Actions
Social media has been full of ideas to keep busy and to “come together” to support each other.  Perhaps you have seen some of these. 

Here are just a few small gestures to help shine our light:

Place hearts in your windows or on your doors to show gratitude and support to healthcare workers.  (and all those essential workers out there helping) Many people are coming out of their homes every evening at 7 p.m. to stand on porches or in driveways to clap, bang pots and pans, and cheer for these individuals as well.

Place a teddy bear in your window. Families out for a drive or walk can go on a bear hunt for a fun activity.

Keep a gratitude journal for the blessings that this “stay home” period has brought us, and when you think of something you’d like to do, but can’t right now (i.e. join friends for a picnic at a park, have dinner with an aunt and uncle), jot it down on another list for when things do get back to normal.

There are a lot of free things that you can be part of online as well, like tours of museums, classes, digital or audiobooks from libraries, etc. Maybe you have a book on your shelf at home that you haven’t had time to read.

If you want to help during this time, research your local food banks or other services that might need extra financial support, and/or sew some face masks since they are in short supply.

Perhaps you can research some craft ideas for items for WELCA’s Creation Station at the Harvest Bazaar, November 7. If you have supplies at home, this might be the perfect time to work on them.

Spring Cleaning?
If you are spending some of this extra time at home working on your spring cleaning, remember to keep the Harvest Bazaar in mind. Items for the Silent Auction and grab bag packages will be welcome once we can open things back up again.

"Seasons of Life" Bible Study with Pastor

Pastor Randy is leading another Bible study.  “The Psalms and the Seasons of Life” consists of four online reflection sessions to study the Psalms. 

Pastor Randy said that we will reflect on our current state of the world during this pandemic and all the “seasons of our living.” We will be using the Psalms as our guide and a ‘new way’ of reading/understanding the Psalms by Dr. Walter Brueggemann. His book, “Spirituality of the Psalms,” is available through Amazon. However, Pastor Randy said you don’t have to buy the book. You can just join us with an open heart and an inquisitive soul. 

If you’re interested, leave a message on the church voicemail or email to be added to the zoom log in information. There are two different groups to join:

Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 7:30
June 16, June 23, June 30 and July 7

Wednesdays Noon 12:00-1:00 pm
June 17. June 24, July 1, July 8

Information Booklet
For years First Lutheran’s WELCA group has published a “Yearbook & Program Guide.”  Candice is expanding/re-creating this publication to become a First Lutheran Church Guide. It will be available in April. In addition to information that has historically been included, it will have committee listings, calendar information, and programs and activities of the church. If you are a leader of a group or committee here at FLC, this is a great opportunity to provide information for the congregation. If you have items you think would be good to include, please provide Candice with the information by Sunday, March 15. 

Collecting Corks
 Attention, wine enthusiasts: Our FLC Collection Closets have a new bin for wine corks. Crafty volunteers have a variety of projects for the Harvest Bazaar Creation Station that requires wine corks for supplies. Thank you for your assistance in helping gather these needed materials.                      


 From Our Minister of Music
Answers to Minister of Music Hymnal Quiz:            
1. b - Peace is not a section in ELW
2. a - Toward the beginning
3. a - Yes
4. a - Yes
5. a - Psalm Tones
6. b - There are 10 hymns by Watts
7. c - There are 84 global songs
8. c - 10 Settings
9. a - National Songs
10. d - 34 Easter hymns in ELW

First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
Do you want to build upon our legacy of generosity for the future? — One way to achieve that includes contributing on a regular basis to the Endowment Fund.

If you want to leave a living gift the ELCA has a professional gift-planning staff, who can assist you with planning your legacy to First Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Contact any member of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church St. Helens Endowment Committee for more information.

Committee members are Barbra Gordon, Norris Sundeen, Karina Strandjord , Audrey Webster, Bob Clore, and Mike McCoy.                 – Mike McCoy

Community Rewards
First Lutheran Church participates in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.  If shoppers who use the rewards card actually link their card to the church, then  Kroger, who owns Fred Meyer,  makes a donation to the church. It does NOT cost you your rewards points. For the second quarter of 2018, 14 households used their Fred Meyer Rewards cards to bring in a total of $36.61  for First Lutheran.

Please note that they have upgraded their system, and as a result our non-profit organization (NPO) has a new account number. It is JJ283. So, if you haven’t yet enrolled in the Community Rewards program and plan to do so, use that new number. If you have any questions, you can talk to Audrey Webster.


New coffee hour duties will be posted when we are able to meet together again!